The US Wearables Market is Expected to Grow 10X by 2021

Samsung Gear is at the forefront of the wearables industry with eight unique watch models, including the Gear S2 and Gear S3 devices and watch faces, along with the Gear Fit and Gear Fit 2 fitness trackers. Samsung Gear devices run on the Tizen operating system, which is the second-largest wearable platform with a combined installed base of almost 7 million.

Countdown to Holiday Revenue

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Become a Samsung Gear Watch Designer

Design and Launch Watch Faces on the Samsung Gear Store Before the End of the Year — Sellers See Up to a 40% Increase in Downloads During the Holidays.

Millions of consumers will unwrap a smartwatch this holiday season. New devices lead to a huge jump in installs, apps typically see 3-4x their historical download rates when promoted with banners.
Don’t miss out! Design a digital watch face that transforms a Samsung Gear watch into a luxurious fashion item, a health and fitness tool, or personal statement and be part of this important selling opportunity!

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Win 2 Weeks of Free Promotion for Your Gear Watch Face

We are looking for fresh, new watch faces to showcase and sell on the Samsung Gear Store, the curated on-device app store that ships on most Samsung Gear watches, Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy Tablets. Check out this special offer available to both new and existing watch face sellers in the US market.

How it Works

November 20 – December 31: Submission Period
Create and submit your watch face using the steps below. All new watch face designs submitted to the Galaxy Apps Gear Store between now and New Year’s will be included in the Evaluation Period. Eligible developers must have a Seller Office Account registered in the US.

January 1 – January 14: Evaluation Period
All new watch face designs that are uploaded and ready for sale by Jan 1, 2018 will be evaluated against revenue performance between January 1 – 14, and will be considered for 2 weeks of FREE marketing on the Samsung Galaxy Apps Gear Store home page.

January 16 – January 31: FREE Promotion Period
The top 40 new watch face revenue performers, based on results during the Evaluation Period, will be part of a two week FREE banner promotion Samsung Galaxy Apps Gear Store, from January 16 – January 31.

Please click here for full contest Terms and Conditions.

Get Up & Running in Just 5 Steps

Step #1 – Already have a Samsung Seller account?

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Step #2 – Enter your Seller ID (the email address you used when signing up for your Samsung seller account)

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Step #3 – Download the Gear Watch Designer tool
Step #4 – Design a cool watch face. No coding required! Be sure to check out the Quick Links below for tips and best practices.
Step #5 – Register and upload your watch in the Seller Office

Helpful Tools & Resources for Designers