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stream.Code101 is a new way to understand and experience leading Samsung technologies.
For hobbyists and hardcore developers alike, our stream.Code101 courses are aimed to teach you how to build apps in under 15 minutes!

Visit our stream.Code101 booth in the Pavilion to take part in one (or all) of the following hands-on courses:

Gear VR : Creating New Worlds

Take entertainment to the next level and create your own virtual world! Build a 3D VR app and jump into the future with Gear VR.

Gear 360 : Share Memories in 360

Gear 360 takes high-resolution pictures and dynamic videos that you can view with Gear VR and your Samsung Galaxy device. Learn how to capture, produce and share 360 content using Gear 360 and the Gear 360 ActionDirector.

Gear S2 : Building the Base (Tizen Web)

Stop trying to fit a square peg in a round hole! Come see how easy it is to make a watch app based on Tizen Web, using HTML5 and CSS.

Gear Watch Designer : Glancing at Practical Data

Gear S2 is not just a wearable that tells time. It is a powerful tool that can be used to present any information you need, at-a- glance. With the Gear Watch Designer, you decide how your watch interacts with you.

SmartThings : Sensor Triggered Switch

Whether it’s saving resources or setting a conducive environment, the SmartThings Home Monitoring Hub can fully automate your home based on your needs.

SAMI : Rules Based Engine

Use a simple approach in automating your home whilst using a rich UI/UX and providing security to the entire infrastructure. Combining SAMI and ARTIK, one can even develop a rule-based engine.

Smart TV : Viewing Shared Media

Developers can create apps that utilize the SmartTV functionality. Content Providers can create content specific to their audiences and consumers are able to get what they want with just a push of the button.

KNOX : Secured Data Protection (SDP)

Protect sensitive data with Samsung KNOX. From business to personal, its applications are endless.

Coding just got easier. Roll up your sleeves and start building.