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Samsung Developer Program
Samsung Developer Program is the gateway from app development to monetization. We are a premier service for app developers working in the Samsung ecosystem, allowing us to maximize marketing opportunities for our partners deploying into the US market.


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“Samsung provides developers with best-in-class technical support, device testing, and device deployment insights to help ensure our success in the marketplace. If you are a developer with aspirations to enter the Android market, we strongly recommend teaming up with the Samsung Developer Program.” – Noam Cadouri, Business Development, EasilyDo, Inc.
“Samsung provided us with advanced access to new devices prior to their market launch. It was through their support that we were able to identify and fix issues in time for the new device launch, ensuring a consistently positive user experience.” – Wladia Summers, Director of Worldwide Certification, Kabam
“The Samsung Developer Program’s focus on detail, expediency, and exceptional communications on a consistent basis has provided Texture with the ability to support some very key strategic initiatives with Samsung, including promotional placement in the App Store for Galaxy Gifts and having our product preloaded on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 in support of the recent TV promotion.”– John Roderick, VP, Digital Publishing, Texture by Next Issue
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