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Developer Program

The Samsung Developer program is your gateway from app development to monetization. As a premier service providing technical and educational support for app developers working in the Samsung ecosystem, we maximize promotional opportunities as you deploy your app into the US and Canadian markets.


What You’ll Get with Samsung
Reduced Risk
We’ll work closely with you – our partner – so that you avoid common mistakes other developers have made. The Developer Program gives you the tools and expertise to make the sometimes challenging journey from ideation to development, validation, launch, and user acquisition, as smooth and successful as possible.
You’ll have the backing and expertise of Samsung behind you. We want you to succeed, and we’ll provide all of the support you need to do so. You’ll enjoy engaged Samsung service, from self-service knowledge base to personalized one-on-one assistance.
You’ll be ahead of the pack, with unprecedented access to the latest Samsung flagship devices (phones, tablets, TVs, VR devices, and wearables) to test your application. You’ll also have access to the latest SDKs and documentation to ensure your app is in compliance with current and upcoming devices.
You’ll have a better opportunity for app discovery and monetization. If your app qualifies, it will be made available as part of the exclusive Galaxy Apps store, our beautifully designed and thoughtfully curated sales site. By participating in the Developer Program, your chances for success are increased dramatically.
Why Partner with Us?
Galaxy Apps
Monetize and distribute on a beautiful storefront with a boutique feel. Less is more – get your app discovered. SEE THE APPS
Monetization Options
After signing up to our Seller Office, you’ll have access to our In-App Purchase SDK, which lets you start using new features that support auto-recurring subscriptions and offers a wider range of item options for developers. Payment methods including credit card, pre-paid card, and phone bill are available for Samsung In-App Purchase in over 90 countries around the world. Other payment options will be added over time.
With our certification, we ensure that your apps are successful on the Samsung device ecosystem. The Certification team will provide assistance to resolve issues that may occur during the Galaxy Apps Store certification process, such as issues related to app submission and rejection, developer and content registration, monetization validation, app store deployment advice, and expedited certification.
Pre-Launch Validation
Pre-launch validation is an important step in preparing your app for release. It’s vital that its performance be verified and its compatibility with the Samsung ecosystem be established. Validation services are provided by a Samsung team experienced in app and content testing and evaluation. Pre-launch validation is performed using a set of standard test cases, as well as app-specific test cases provided by the developer.
World's Best Testing Team
The Service and Support Center allows Developer Program members to engage with our expert support teams to discuss and troubleshoot issues surrounding their development environment.
Samsung provides unrivaled resources to Developer Program partners. Nowhere else can you gain access to the most current (and upcoming) Samsung devices. When you couple that with the latest documentation, SDKs, code samples, and answers to common questions, you will have access to world class resources. See Resources
Create virtual instrument applications, connect, share, and synchronize devices.
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With a Samsung Developer account you’ll benefit from early access to updates from the Developer Connection.
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