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You’ll Get with Samsung

Global distribution

We’ll work closely with you to get your app published globally on Galaxy Apps, Samsung’s on-device app store. Galaxy Apps is deployed in over 90 countries (including China), with over 202 Million monthly active users and 1.6B monthly app downloads.

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End-to-end support

You’ll have the backing and expertise of Samsung Developer Success team behind you. We can help you with Seller Office certification issues, testing your app on Samsung devices, and assisting you with Android and Tizen engineering questions. Our goal is to reply back to your technical support requests within 12 hours during week days. You will also receive a monthly developer newsletter and be invited to technical webinars so that you are first to know how to optimize your content for Samsung devices.

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Easy-to-get resources

You’ll gain access to a rich repository of resources that will help you assess the business opportunity for developing apps and content for Samsung devices as well as technical documentation and information about to effectively build and publish your content on Samsung channels.

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5x daily downloads

As a partner, you’ll have access to free app marketing options ranging social media and blog posts to custom banner promotion on the Galaxy Apps store. Galaxy Apps banner promotion can boost new user acquisition and increase your daily app downloads by up to 5x.

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  • App promotion opportunities – promotion may increase your daily downloads by up to 4-5x.

  • Monthly newsletter covering latest technologies, developer events and offers

  • Technical support – we will respond to your requests in 12 hours during week days

  • Seller Office registration, onboarding and certification support

  • Complimentary app testing on Samsung smartphones, tablets and wearables

  • Compatibility testing on announced, pre-released devices

  • Invitation to technical webinars and workshops

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