Badge Up Contest



The contest period has ended and we are in the process of selecting our first, second and third place winners in the Android App, Gear App and Themes categories.

Badge Up winners will be announced soon, so stayed tuned!

What is the Galaxy Apps Badge

Promote your Android, Gear, and Theme apps by displaying a Galaxy Apps badge (for Android and Gear apps) or Theme Store badge (for Theme product apps) in your marketing channels (website, email campaigns, social media) to send customers to your app’s product detail page in the Galaxy Apps store or Theme Store.


Samsung Galaxy Apps Badge

Samsung Theme Store Badge

How To Get The Badge

Step #1: Join the Samsung Developer Program and get access to the developer dashboard.

Step # 2: Sign up for a new account* in the Samsung Seller Office. The Galaxy Apps Seller Portal will become your one-stop destination to submit content for distribution, manage updates, and monitor the progress of your certification and app performance on Galaxy Apps, the curated, on-device store that ships with most Galaxy smartphones .

*you can use the same email for both the Samsung Developer Program and the Seller Office but you must register for each independently

Step #3:  After you have established your Galaxy Apps credentials, go back to your Samsung Developer dashboard, click on the Galaxy Apps Badge module.

Step # 4:  To request a badge fill out the form and submit your request. Check your status: we will review and approve it within one business day.

Step #5:  Link your app url to the badge and use it to promote your app.  After submitting a request for your app badge and providing app information, Samsung will generate an app-sharing shortURL (badge URL).

Download and use the most suitable badge image in your marketing media and link it to your badge URL.

You can also use the badge URL alone in your social media (including Facebook and Twitter).

After your customers click a link that targets your badge URL, the resulting promotion depends on the user’s device:

  • In a Samsung device browser, they are taken to your app’s product detail page in the Galaxy Apps store.
  • In a non-Samsung device or desktop browser, they are taken to a help page that explains how they can get to your product detail page.

How The “Badge Up” Contest Works

Each developer who downloads a Galaxy Apps or Theme Store badge will be assigned to one of three categories based on the type of content that they publish:  Android App, Gear App or Themes.

Developers who publish more than one type of content will be assigned to multiple categories.

Developers will be stack ranked, based on the number of downloads they generate from the Galaxy Apps and Theme store badges from October 31- December 31, 2017, resulting from links through the short URL across their entire Samsung Developer Program app portfolio.

Developers with the highest download rankings in each category, at the end of the contest period, will win the prizes below.


We will select first place, second and third place winners for each of the three content categories; Android App, Gear App, Themes.

Winners will have their content promoted on the Galaxy Apps Store in the “Staff Picks” section, in the USA version of the store, for two consecutive weeks during the first quarter of 2018.

  • First place winner for each category will have a banner that is visible above the fold in the Galaxy or Theme store.
  • Second place winner for each category will have a banner that is visible just below the fold (page 2) in the Galaxy or Theme store.
  • Third place winner for each category will have a banner that is visible below the fold  (page 3) in the Galaxy or Theme store.

Winners will be contacted and announced soon!

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Please note: This offer is only valid for Galaxy App Store account holders who are also Samsung Developer Program members located in the United States