Developer Manifesto – Success in 2017

Developer Manifesto – Success in 2017

Mihai Pohontu

We believe in the power of developers to create a better world.

We believe our mission is to enable developers to build the future.

We believe our team’s role is to plant the seeds of opportunity, to water the seedlings of success and to nurture our community, this vast banyan tree embracing humanists of every creed, gender or race.


Our overarching 2017 theme is “developer success”. We find a perfect expression of this in our existing initiatives, which will continue to evolve in the coming years. Made for Samsung, our co-development program has matured to the point we now maintain deep partnerships with dozens of large brands, all creating exclusive products, content and services for our platforms. These experiences are not only differentiated from other platforms, they stride across the ecosystem of devices we manufacture. Games for Samsung delivers precious installs to our indie developers at no extra cost to them, in return for brief time-bound exclusivity. We hope this system will encourage boundless artistic expression and creativity, in a safe economic environment.

Our Developer Program will further mature this year. We will field the most extensive array of developer events throughout the year. Whenever you will attend a conference, your friends at Samsung will never be far. We will introduce our Developer Day, a technical workshop and networking format that will travel to cities across the world. We’ll field the best technical support we’ve ever provided, not only by ensuring our engineers can answer all of your questions, but by creating an ample selection of materials, webinars, video tutorials, along with vibrant and informative social channels. We will roll out an improved version of our developer website, allowing better access our resources and better ways to communicate with you. We will work to establish our first comprehensive device loaner program, so that no developer would ever be concerned about access.

We will invest in our community, by organizing a multi-disciplinary Developer Challenge to help identify and accelerate the ideas that will change the world. We will extend the cultural significance of our programs by supporting the social mission of technology. We will steer the Samsung Developer Conference to become a cultural milestone in the life of our city, San Francisco. Not only will it be memorable, but it will be vibrant and true.

Most importantly, we will listen and learn, we’ll be amazed at your insight, your genius, your spirit. We will be your friends, your guides, your students and your partners.

From all of us, may the light shine on your best year yet.