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Announcing Samsung Developer Connection’s Gear VR “Killer App” Contest!

Unity, Oculus, and Web VR developers: Win Promotion, Hardware & Mentorship in the November/December Samsung Developer Connection Gear VR app & demo contest judged by VR stars & pioneers

Samsung Gear VR, the world’s most popular virtual reality mobile headset, is searching for the “killer app” of VR. If it hasn’t been published for Samsung Gear VR yet, send us your awesome demo/app experience created in the Oculus SDK with Unity or Web VR.  It doesn’t have to be a complete app or experience.  It doesn’t have to be a game (but it can be!).  Apps previously published to other platforms since this September are also eligible. We’re looking for diverse and amazing uses of Samsung Gear VR, and want to help promote them to the world.

Submit video or screenshots of your demo/app to us at by November 23 and a playable executable for Samsung Gear VR by November 29. (Full submission details below.)  Then join us on December 1st at the Upload VR office in downtown San Francisco for a special event where the winner and finalists will be selected by a jury of VR stars, including High Fidelity and Second Life founder Philip Rosedale and Paul T. Kim, Samsung director of Content & Services for Gear VR.


  • Up to 10 Semi-Finalists
    • Entries promoted on Samsung Developer Connection’s social media channels.
  • Up to five Finalists
    • Entries promoted on Samsung Developer Connection’s social media channels
    • Entries featured in a post on
    • Two full conference tickets to Samsung Developer Conference 2017
  • One grand prize winner
    • VR Creator’s Kit: One Samsung Gear VR headset, one Samsung Gear 360 camera and one Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile device
    • Promotion on Samsung Developer Connection social media channels
    • Prominent feature listing of the completed app on the Samsung Picks page in the Oculus Store
    • Coverage on
    • Two full conference tickets to Samsung Developer Conference 2017
    • A video interview / mentoring session, either online or in-person, with a well-known VR evangelist (winner must cover own travel costs for in-person session).
    • A mentorship session, either online or in-person, with Samsung VR experts (winner must cover own travel costs for in-person session).
    • One hour free consultation with an SF marketing agency

Entry Rules

Got questions not covered here? Drop us a line at

  • Go to to submit your entry which fits the pre-requisites below.
  • Entrants must submit 1-3 minute YouTube video showcasing the app/demo or at least 5 screenshots with detailed description of app/demo uploaded to Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Imgur, or other social media channel by November 23, 9AM Pacific time.
  • YouTube or screenshot info box must include name of the app, a short description of the demo, and the text /link “Samsung Gear VR Killer App Contest entry:”.
  • Be sure to include your full name, e-mail address, and Twitter account (if any) in submission.
  • Apps/demos published on other platforms between September and November 2016 are eligible for consideration.
  • If submitting video, recommended duration more than 10 minutes, with average being 3-5 min of experience.
  • We will contact up to 10 semi-finalists on November 23 with further submission instructions. These semi-finalists must submit a fully executable version of their entry to us by end of Tuesday, November 29th (Pacific time).
  • Semi-finalist app/demo must use Oculus Mobile SDK; minimum of 60 FPS is absolutely required
  • Entry must be a native app for Gear VR using Oculus Mobile SDK and Unity, or a working website optimized for Samsung Internet browser; if developed for WebVR, resulting demo site (URL) must work on Samsung Internet browser ( and/or leverage features supported by the browser; such as Skybox setting, gaze mode, etc. (Read about optimized web browsing for Samsung Gear VR here.)
  • All entrants retain full ownership of their submission, but must allow Samsung Developer Connection to feature their app, app artwork and logos on Samsung Gear VR and Samsung sites, social networks, and promotional materials.
  • Entries must be “PG-13” (no explicit violence or sexual elements) and contain no broadly offensive/racist/sexist content.

See full contest rules here.

By Samsung Developer Connection
November 15, 2016
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