Samsung Champions Spotlight: Meet George McKinney, Wearables Market Expert

Samsung Champions Spotlight: Meet George McKinney, Wearables Market Expert

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Last week, we officially introduced you to our Samsung Champion Program, where we featured Alex Chu and learned about his experience with VR.

This week, we’re taking it over to the wearables world with Samsung Champ George McKinney of Zukini Mobile.

George McKinney

We asked him about his time spent working with wearables and advice he has for people looking to develop apps for this industry. This is what he had to say:

Tell us about your experience in developing wearable apps.

I have been exploring wearable technology for some time now. I worked with the WIMM One, Qualcomm TOQ, Samsung Gear 2, Gear S, Gear S2, Pebble and Fitbit among others. That’s five years of wearable apps, but I have been a software developer for ten years now. My company focuses on business applications, enabling companies to improve efficiency and create new services for their stakeholders. Recently, we have been working on a cloud-based service to create some interesting mobile app and wearable products.

What application or project are you most proud of, and why?

We created an application that provides gas station service information for wearables, and I’m really proud that it saves time and helps you get what you need safely.

What do you find so exciting about working with wearables?

For me, the ability to access my health information at one moment then messages, weather, current events and my business data the next is amazing. The wearable is a great tool and has the potential to make everyone’s lives better as it evolves.

What do you see as the biggest challenge that developers who work with wearables face?

Fragmentation of device platforms is a detraction for developers, and lack of familiarity with user experience design and human computer interaction is another. As this space is continually evolving, carving out a business model for long-term involvement inhibits more developers from getting into wearables.

What’s your advice for handling these challenges?

Pick a mobile technology that you are already an expert in and choose a wearable that complements it. Though the goal is to have standalone apps for wearables, at one point or another, you will need to build a mobile app to go along with the wearable one.

Look into your crystal ball to five years in the future. What does the wearables experience look like?

I expect wearables will be more powerful and affordable five years from now. They will be ubiquitous as well — even children and the elderly will have them. I hope privacy and permissions policies will be a part of this mass adoption, so that everyone can feel secure storing their data in a wearable in order to take full advantage of it. With that information we will be able to make payments, control household appliances, be notified before having a heart attack and more all from a device attached to our person.

Follow George on Twitter, and learn more about him and the Samsung Champion Program here.

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