Introducing a New Way for Game Developers to Find Success with Samsung

Introducing a New Way for Game Developers to Find Success with Samsung

Henry Komsky


It’s not easy being a smaller-sized startup or indie game developer. In addition to all of the creative and technical work that goes into creating a unique, high quality product, you’re competing for user attention against millions of apps and countless well-known brands. Add to that the fact that many app stores are dominated by AAA developers with astronomical promotion and user acquisition budgets, and it’s easy to get discouraged.

At Samsung, we’re already working to boost the visibility of up-and-coming game devs and startups through Galaxy Apps — an expertly curated store that features only 3,000 apps at any given time. Our streamlined app selection process and accessible dev resources ensure an equal playing field for established and upcoming brands alike. But today, we’re excited to take it one step further with our Games for Samsung program.

With this program, we’re inviting the world’s most talented developers to join us in a partnership that highlights the best that mobile gaming has to offer, regardless of size, reputation or resources. Any member of the Samsung Developer Program who works as an indie developer or at a gaming studio, creates content for mobile and wearables and has implemented Samsung Billing and Samsung IAP can apply. If your app remains exclusively on Galaxy Apps for 90 days, is compatible with Samsung devices, provides a high quality entertainment experience and wows our editorial team, you’ll score free promotion on Galaxy Apps and social media. If you’re reading this from a Samsung device, you can check out our first Games for Samsung game, Link Twin, for an example of the high quality experience we’re looking for.



A few highlights of program benefits for game devs:

  • A spot on the Staff Picks, Galaxy Exclusives sections of Galaxy Apps and at least four weeks of banner promotion in the US & Canada stores;
  • Shoutouts on our social channels, website and any gaming events our team attends;
  • A customized push notification sent to all five million of our Galaxy Apps opt-in users.

These are just some of the benefits we’re offering. As a Developer Program member you will receive a premium level of support and complimentary testing services. With proven performance, our team will work even more closely with you to get the word on your app out to our tens of millions of Galaxy Apps users. The way we see it, it’s a win-win — you get your content highlighted, and we can make sure that Galaxy Apps maintains its status as a hub for premium content.

We know that our devices are only as good as the content they offer. That’s why we’re committed to finding the most talented individuals and upcoming companies to partner with us. After all, if you only look at the most well-known or well-funded game developers, you’re only skimming the surface of the amazing content available. So if you’re seeking a low-cost way to drastically boost awareness, reach a critical mass of users and generate significant revenue, we invite you to get started with the “Games for Samsung” program today.


For more information on how to apply to the Games for Samsung program, read here.

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