Great Seeing You at SDC 2016!

Great Seeing You at SDC 2016!

Nadim Tawileh

The Android for Work team is proud to have participated as a platinum sponsor for the Samsung Developer Conference on April 27th and 28th. It was great to meet and interact with so many of you to talk about the Android platform, share our vision for workplace mobility enabled by the Android for Work program and demonstrate innovative use cases that some our developer partners have enabled. We appreciate all the feedback, questions and rich conversation, and we’re looking forward to improving the workplace through increased mobility together.

As a refresher, or for those of you we didn’t get a chance to meet, Android for Work is Google’s program for bringing together business-oriented technology and partners to the Android platform. This includes a broad network of device partners (like Samsung), app developers, management providers and more that collectively provide businesses of all sizes with a robust mobility platform. No matter the place, no matter the use case, Android can lead businesses to help foster employee productivity and creativity through increased mobility.

There also exists a huge opportunity for you as an app creator. With $141 billion spent by businesses in 2015 on application software, mobile applications are the fastest growing segment of the business market, presenting an amazing opportunity for you to grow your install base and find new sources of revenue with Google Play for Work.

In one of our speaker sessions, “Developing for Android for Work – Is your app ready?”, We took a deeper look at some of the key Android for Work components:

  • What makes Android unique, including the wide variety of form factors and investments across the OS, app deployment and marketing.
  • Android for Work Capabilities:
    • Work Profiles — Separate, containerized profile for work data
    • Work Managed Devices — Fully corporate-owned and managed devices
    • COSU — Corporate-owned single use devices, provisioned to run a single application
    • NFC provisioning, managed configurations, app restrictions, SSO
    • Play for Work — Dedicated, controlled Play store for deploying business apps

Other sessions included a more open “Ask Me Anything” forum with Android for Work product management director Andrew Toy, and a deeper dive on how to develop secure apps for businesses, including details about the many services Google Play provides to protect applications and users. These include automatically scanning app uploads to Google Play for malicious code, which improved the security of more than 100,000 applications in 2015.

If you’d like to connect with us, please register to join our new developer community, the Android for Work Devhub where you can go to get access to betas and events, learn from Google experts, and connect with other enterprise developers.

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