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Join HERE at the Samsung Developer Conference 2016 - make things that make sense of the world

Whatever you’re developing, great location data makes it smarter. Join the team from HERE at the Samsung Developer Conference 2016 to learn how you can use our APIs and SDKs to put the power of the leading location cloud to work for you, your apps and your devices.

Meet us in the Sponsor Pavilion where we will be showing off use cases and demos for features such as indoor routing, IoT geofencing and venue maps. As a valued partner with Samsung, the integration of our location intelligence runs deep into platforms such as ARTIK, M2M and TIZEN. Get inspired and discover how to use these features in your own projects to make things that make sense of the world.

Learn how to use our JavaScript & REST APIs to add location awareness and services to a variety of smart devices by visualizing maps, incorporating accurate directions and traffic information and geocoding your location data. Our platform extensions also offer advanced features such as geofencing, route matching and waypoint optimization.

In addition, the HERE SDKs for Android and iOS allow you to take full advantage of our powerful, flexible mapping platform, to let you build immersive native apps with features such as venue maps, truck routing, fleet map, historical traffic patterns and congestion zone maps.

As the Developer Advocate for HERE, I’ll host a session on how developers can access and make creative use of the wealth of location data available in our maps on everything from IoT boards to 3D printers. Join in on this session at 4pm on the 27th in the Partner Theatre.

If you’re eager to get started, visit and sign up for your 90-day free trial. Get started now and bring all your ideas and questions with you to San Francisco on the 27th and 28th of April. We look forward to seeing you there!

By Richard Sueselbeck
April 13, 2016
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