Beyond the Smartphone

Beyond the Smartphone

Samsung Developer Connection


Earlier today, SDC 2016 kicked off with the Opening Keynote. Right off the bat, the room was full of excitement, energy and anticipation.

The event opened with DJ Koh sharing his thoughts on the future of technology, including that today’s smart devices are no longer just devices — they are gateways to new experiences, and developers are the key to making this vision a reality. Fortunately, SDC 2016 provides the content, tools and resources devs need to join Samsung in their journey to create the future.

Amidst a number of exciting announcements and deep dives into the opportunities available through Samsung, we highlighted a handful of key takeaways:

  • At Samsung, we’re paving the way for the future by building ARTIK, the leading platform for IoT. Today, we introduced ARTIK Cloud to expand offerings for IoT developers.
  • Samsung Pay and Samsung Knox offer easy, secure experiences for consumers. As such, developers have a huge opportunity to leverage and integrate them into their own projects.
  • Sound Camp is the first music creation app to offer zero sound lag — so your potential is as unlimited as your creativity.
  • The Gear 360 camera allows users to seamlessly record 360 video, while Milk VR allows them to upload, edit and explore new content.
  • S Health is going beyond just traditional step and calorie counting to proactively offer actionable insights for consumers to improve their overall wellness.
  • Samsung Connect Auto has the potential to make nearly every car a smart car.
  • With 21 million units in the market and 20 billion hours of content consumed, it’s a prime time for developers to capitalize on Samsung’s Smart TV.
  • The Galaxy S7 is a gamer’s — and a game developer’s — dream.
  • Samsung accelerator is on the lookout for the most groundbreaking, world-changing startups to help them grow and flourish.
  • Best of all, Samsung offers the SDKs, APIs, tools and support you need to join our strong, rapidly growing ecosystem. As a developer, this is the place to be!


So, why should you partner with Samsung now?

The numbers speak for themselves.

  • 7B+ phones in the market
  • 4B smartphones
  • 80% of the world’s smartphones are Android devices, with Samsung products making up the majority
  • 5B connected devices
  • 6M Android developers

It’s an exciting time to build for Samsung. With unprecedented scale, distribution and innovation, the possibilities are endless. As Samsung has evolved from a purely hardware company to a full-stack enterprise, we look forward to helping you build your software business, whether you’re trying to make an excellent mobile game, publish compelling VR stories, make our Smart TV even smarter with your content, disrupt the auto industry, create your own musical masterpiece, solve enterprise-level pain points or even improve the world’s health.