Get Down and Dirty with Fusetools at SDC 2016

Get Down and Dirty with Fusetools at SDC 2016

Jake Taylor

At Fusetools, we’ve developed a declarative and intuitive JS/Markup approach to native mobile app development. Fuse has taken the quick, dynamic workflow that JavaScript provides, and coupled it with an advanced, native UI framework that’s designed specifically for building beautiful mobile apps.

All of this helps to reduce iteration time between changes to an absolute minimum without sacrificing native performance, making app development faster, easier and a heck of a lot more fun.

At SDC 2016, we’ll get down and dirty with the ideas and technical details behind this approach. We’ll show you the new and exciting possibilities it opens up for you like instant, on-device update of code and markup and specialized user interface primitives designed to succinctly describe data presentation and animation in a way you’ve only dreamed of with HTML5.

Along the way, you’ll get live, hands-on experience working with these tools on our devices, fully native and in real-time.

We’ll also bring along a selection of current users and partners to showcase what they have built and are currently building with Fuse. You’re not going to want to miss our Fuse SDC session, and don’t forget to come by our booth and say hello.

See you at SDC 2016!

PS: If you’d like to know more about Fuse and understand why it’s something completely different and new, see our post on Medium.