Android for Work —Proud to Be a Platinum Sponsor at SDC 2016

Android for Work —Proud to Be a Platinum Sponsor at SDC 2016

Nadim Tawileh

(A message from our Platinum Sponsor, Google)

Android for Work is a program bringing enterprise technology and partners to Android, comprised of OEMs, ISVs and EMM partners — all supported by Google. We provide businesses large and small with a secure, flexible and unified Android mobility platform that combines devices, applications, management and support.

With Android for Work, businesses can enable their employees to be productive and creative regardless of whether they’re at their desks, in the field or on the road. As an app creator, you have the opportunity to leverage Android as a platform to develop innovative apps that transform organizations to increase total installs and thirty-day actives, and create new sources of revenue with the support of Google Play for Work.

Building off of the popularity of Android in consumer markets, Android for Work extends both Android and Google Play to the enterprise for security and simplicity. The program supports and drives secure consumerization of workplace technology for both BYOD and corporate-owned devices, while also enabling mobility applications and creating powerful enterprise solutions and new use cases.

We’re looking forward to discussing a wide range of enterprise mobility opportunities at SDC 2016, such as how you can take part in transforming businesses and what it takes to be profitable by developing innovative apps for work.

Join us as we share Android for Work in action:

  • Explore Android and Samsung’s robust and secure solutions for businesses of all sizes and verticals
  • Get the technical information you need to develop successful apps for work
  • Experience a partner theater session discussing best practices on implementing secure apps with our Google Security and Google Play teams
  • See demos from some of our many developer partners who have successfully built apps for work

After learning more about Android for Work, we think you’ll agree with the many enterprises that have already adopted the platform and see that Android can meet the needs of your mobile workforce.

After signing up for SDC 2016, come by and visit us to learn more at one of our many Android stations on the third floor of the conference. We look forward to seeing you there!

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