Rethinking Content Delivery for a Mobile-Centric World

Rethinking Content Delivery for a Mobile-Centric World

Andrew Duck

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With just shy of 2 billion smartphone users in the world and an anticipated 16% growth in 2016, both developers and enterprises are confronted with a new set of opportunities and challenges. On the upside, the penetration of smartphones globally is not just an attractive target market, but also a must-win in the effort to engage with the increasingly connected consumer.

Content consumption and the applications that drive it have long been some of the stickiest applications in the app marketplaces, contributing to a significant volume of both app downloads and revenue. However, this isn’t without challenges.

Foremost the largest challenge affecting application developers is post-install churn. Recently benchmarked by Quettra at 80% of DAUs over a 7-day period, this is a significant number of users who don’t remain engaged with applications, either dropping off to infrequent user accounts, or ceasing use of the application entirely. This number increases to more than 90% over 30 days, representing a significant challenge to user growth, and an uphill battle for those companies engaged in user acquisition marketing efforts.

It is no secret that mobile applications perform best when they are focused on a single task, and in the transition to the small screen we have seen larger players in the market break apart complicated applications to focus on a specific task. This is key to mobile usage engagement, considering the way that consumers interact with their smartphones. Consumers engage with their smartphones on a regular basis. In the US this has been measured at a total of more than 4 hours a day, but, unlike TV or desktop PCs, for short periods of time.

Consumers have never had access to as much of the world’s combined knowledge in history as they do today; however, this poses a second challenge to application developers. Given the vast amount of content available, coupled with the usage patterns for smartphones and the need to engage consumers quickly, it is imperative that content applications not only deliver relevant, targeted content, but that it is delivered immediately and consistently. Extending this thought further, it becomes important for content providers to avoid the paradox of choice, ensuring that consumers are presented with content known to match their personal preferences.

In order to address these constraints, content providers must look to significant technical investments in analytics, recommendations and personalization in order to provide content that immediately engages consumers. Considering the challenge facing application developers in user acquisition and retention, it becomes considerably more important that personalization is both upfront and a prominent part of the experience for consumers of content applications.

At Zinio today, we are at the forefront of the mobile content consumption experience, focused on bringing content to the 2 billion consumers across smartphones globally.

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