Calling All Disruptors: Turn Your Ideas Into a Free Trip to SDC 2016 in San Francisco

Calling All Disruptors: Turn Your Ideas Into a Free Trip to SDC 2016 in San Francisco

Samsung Developer Connection

From Wearables to IoT devices to VR and more, we’re proud of how Samsung’s cutting-edge hardware delivers an exceptional user experience. Now, we understand that the most innovative technology isn’t made up of great hardware alone. The truth is, all of these platforms are only as good as the content they offer. That’s why our team is constantly on the lookout for the fresh, inventive apps and ideas of tomorrow.

And as we approach SDC 2016, our annual celebration produced by developers for developers,

we center our thinking around one key question: How can our technologies serve as a portal for the ideas of the future? That’s where our Samsung Developer Ideation Challenge — and you — come in.


The Samsung Developer Ideation Challenge is a contest where we invite folks across the stack to dream up a way to creatively tap into the many Samsung digital platforms to meaningfully impact our day-to-day lives. Feel free to let your imagination run wild — whether you’re envisioning a world with VR incorporated into every school lesson, the next must-have tool for tech-savvy enterprises or a world-changing Wearable app, we want to hear about it.

One grand prize winner will receive roundtrip airfare, lodging and a conference pass to attend SDC 2016, as well as our “Next Big Things” Starter Kit — a prize pack full of the latest Samsung devices and swag like the Galaxy S7 phone, Gear VR headset, Gear S2 and more to help inspire further innovative ideas. In addition, we will also award three Category prize packs to the next top three scoring entries tailored to the products, platforms and use cases that their ideas involve, whether that falls into VR, Wearables, IoT or another group.

Here’s how our contest will work — by April 12th, developers should submit proposals for an app idea, use case or customer experience that makes use of Samsung technologies to connect our society to the future. To really wow our judges, make sure that your concept connects multiple platforms, disrupts the status quo, demonstrates a whole lot of creativity and can be realistically put into action.

But before you submit your final entry, we’re also making our judges available for feedback. If you submit an initial proposal in time for our first round deadline on March 25th, the judges will offer tips in time to help you refine your idea for the final April 12th deadline. This step isn’t mandatory, but keep in mind that the feedback judges offer will help you polish your proposal so you have the best shot at winning possible. And the sooner you submit, the better — the first 100 entries to our contest will receive a free conference pass to SDC 2016 regardless of how they place!

Finally, on April 15th, we’ll announce the winners so we can show off their incredible innovation to the world (or at least to all our Twitter and Facebook followers).

We’re thrilled to see what you all come up with, and we’re looking forward to reviewing the submissions one by one. Making the future happen today is a team effort — and we can’t do it without you.


For more details on the Samsung Developer Ideation Challenge, click here.