Welcome to the New Face of Samsung Developer Connection

Welcome to the New Face of Samsung Developer Connection

Mihai Pohontu

“We have within reach, now, the attainment of every dream of mankind” – Gene Roddenberry

Welcome to the inaugural post of our new blog. We’d love for it to become a frequented port on your journey across the endless oceans of the internet. If nothing else, we hope that it serves as a valuable, casually amusing nugget of insight on all matters concerning today’s technology and tomorrow’s dreams of an ever better future.

I’d like to start by briefly introducing our team, whom we proudly, but rather abstractly call “Emerging Platforms” — we are a small community of techies based in the heart of Silicon Valley whose mission is to strengthen Samsung’s software ecosystem. Where Samsung as a whole rightfully occupies the commanding heights of the global economy, producing some of the most advanced hardware technology of our age and constantly pushing the envelope of technology via innovation across a vast range of product categories, our team humbly endows these beautiful devices with equally beautiful software.

We are by no means the only group to do so — far from it — but what makes our group unique is the fact that our initiatives stride across product categories, focusing on mobile, tablets, TVs, wearables, internet of things, virtual reality, as well as any other future technology Samsung hardware wizards are currently guiding to production. Furthermore, our focus is almost exclusively on partnerships, whether that’s with developers, startups or big brands. We represent a logical conduit to access the myriad of opportunities only a large and multi-faceted company like Samsung can generate.

We achieve this in several ways: first and foremost, through Developer Connection, the group that has created and maintains this very site and which organizes Samsung Developer Conference, our celebration of technology and of the people that push it forward. You may have already encountered them at various developer events throughout the globe — they’re the friendly faces that help developers makes sense of our technologies and direct potential partners towards the right resources within our broader company. They represent the frontlines of our communication to and from developers.

The Publishing Group represents the next step along the developer journey after initial contact has been established. They’re our business development specialists — leading lights who seek to craft a mutually-beneficial partnership framework with all potential partners. They also operate the Galaxy Apps marketplace across devices and leverage it to feature partners, thereby funneling increased traffic and revenues to our developers.

The Samsung Software Solutions group (commonly abbreviated as S3) is our internal product development team, who specializes in co-development partnerships, or collaborations with external developers that create exclusive experiences for Samsung customers (such as CNN, Expedia, Photobucket and Muse Republic) of which you will hear more as we showcase our latest apps and the benefits they provide to our customers. Furthermore, we are supported by an extensive Operations team, which supports both internal and external projects across a broad range of developer services: QA, certification, deployment, and more.

All together, these teams track the entire developer journey through the Samsung ecosystem, all the way from inception (which may be as simple as a casual conversation at a developer event) to market release, as our team guides executed projects through the certification process and ensures a successful commercial launch. We’re exceptionally proud of the work we’re doing with all our partners and expect this blog will continue to cover these initiatives.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the ability to share ideas and experiences with the broader developer community, reflecting the many ways to fuse hardware and software in a means that creates the experiences of tomorrow. It’s not an accident that we’ve chosen “the future” as a central motif of the Samsung Developer Conference theme: “Connecting the Future, Everywhere You Look”.

We hope you’ll join us in this journey and until then, we’re grateful for the time you’ve taken to read the first of many posts to come on our revamped blog. We look forward to continue sharing knowledge with and, in turn, learning from this community. To keep up with the latest on Samsung Developer Connection, and the Samsung Developer Conference, make sure to sign up for our newsletter.