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A shared vision of the power and potential of IoT: How Samsung and TWC are collaborating to enable the coming wave of new technologies

In keeping with the central themes of SDC 2016, Samsung and key strategic partners such as The Weather Channel have embarked on a journey aimed at harnessing the potential of emerging big data and Internet of Things (IoT) technology through mutual cooperation, strategic alliances and a shared vision of the future.

A Diversity of Opportunities

Both IoT and big data are now familiar industry buzzwords and even trendy topics among not just the high-tech set, but also mass market consumers.  A common denominator underscoring each of these developing technologies is diversity – the sheer number and richness of use cases that has been envisioned for each seems to suggest a need for an equally diverse set of industry players to make them a reality and bring them to market.

Enter Samsung and The Weather Channel, diverse companies with an even more diverse set of interests. But through the power of strategic alliances and the spirit of collaboration, both are working together on projects that will leave an indelible mark on these important emerging technologies.

Blending a Unique Set of Technological Assets

Both Samsung and The Weather Channel bring individually unique things to the big data and IoT table. Samsung isinvested in developing in these areas and has begun to assimilate a vast array of its resources in the form of semiconductors, mobile devices and cloud computing technologies to make building next-generation products and applications easy.

The Weather Channel, recently acquired by IBM, is an innovator and leader in weather content and mobile advertising. Even more relevant to big data and IoT initiatives is the fact that weather represents an often dramatically underestimated variable in many key decisions made both by end consumers and large enterprises alike. With the help of IBM’s Watson cognitive technology, The Weather Channel is continuing to innovate ways that the massive weather data stream may be utilized in real time to enable an even broader array of exciting big data use cases.

Moving Forward

As Samsung continues to push the boundaries of communications and connectivity with mobiles, wearables and a never ending stream of internet-aware devices, partners such as The Weather Channel and IBM will advance the state-of-the-art technology in cognitive applications that give new meaning to big data sets such as our weather. If you a developer and have a great ideas for next-gen, transformative applications, let’s explore how a partnership with Samsung could accelerate a shared vision of the future.

By Jacqueline Cao
January 12, 2016
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